0-Meter is heavily influenced by JMeter, and is designed to be a load testing application for 0MQ-Based Applications.

The python program can read from flat files to build messages, as well as substitute variables found in a CSV file. It can transmit one or more messages to a server all at once, or at scheduled intervals.

The execution of the program is driven by a configuration file, which is read at startup.


  • Send a single 0MQ Request Message with content from a flat file
  • Send a set of 0MQ Request Messages with content from a set of flat files contained in a folder
  • Send a set of 0MQ Request Messages with base content from a flat file, and variables substituted from a CSV file
  • Send a set of 0MQ Request Messages, with content from files in a folder of generated from a CSV, scheduled periodically over a specified interval of time.
  • Parse Responses and print to CSV or exit with error code based on results